Characteristics of USA Hemp Seed Oil

Exceptionally High Content of GLA

Gamma-linolenic acid, one of the most desirable acids to be found in oils, is one of the indicators of oil’s quality. Our hemp seed oil contains 3.9 g of it per 100 ml of oil, which is an exceptional result.


Hemp seed oil “cold-pressed with love” is produced by the American company Hemp Oil USA, the leading manufacturer of hemp food products, known for their superior quality.

Seed Origin

All products have full traceability since we believe it is important to know everything about the product. Only seeds grown in USA are used in the production of hemp seed oil.

Hemp Variety

The American hemp food industry is very well-developed and one of their aims is to produce hemp food products containing the highest amount of essential fatty acids. In the production of hemp seed oil the varieties Finola, Crag and Cfx are used.